Welcome To Brighter Directions International – Outsourced Marketing

Brighter Directions are a full Marketing Agency working with international companies looking to market into the UK, or with UK sites, looking for additional marketing support.

We specialise in providing expert outsourced marketing support for international based companies looking to successfully enter the UK market, or for global firms with a base in the UK and wanting to increase marketing efficiency.

We work with organisations globally, either with your existing marketing departments as a bolt-on (remote UK team) or, we manage your marketing remit entirely as a cost-effective solution, offering resource and expertise in the following areas:

  • PR (Public Relations) & Media Management Engagement
  • Social Media Marketing & Online Reputation Management / Coordination
  • Email Marketing Coordination and Data Regulation Management
  • Copywriting & Content – such as; online articles, blogs, white-papers, brochures, websites and any marketing collateral
  • Website Development and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Why work with Brighter Directions International?

We have created a superb reputation across the globe for our professional, reliable and cost-effective marketing solutions, with numerous awards and accreditations gained over the last twelve years in business, competing with much larger agencies. We provide resource of highly skilled, passionate team members who understand business in the UK as well as our marketing expertise and knowledge.

With Brighter Directions, you not only access a superb team of marketing specialists but you also have the confidence of our strong operational structure, established reputation and the fact that we understand the differences between your home and the UK culture and etiquette to generate a positive response.

Over our history, we have kept ethical and true to our beliefs while also offering exceptional client relationships and tangible solutions, keeping us at the forefront of the UK Marketing industry and a credible source appearing on live TV, Radio and online as well as our recognition in the most prestigious international industry awards for our demonstrated excellence.


Contact us today for more information on how we can help your organisation become a successful business in the UK market and beyond.

Call our UK office on + 44 1246 252855
Email info@outsourcedmarketing.eu
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